“Murder Bury Win” Interview | Game Night Part 2, with Michael Lovan, Mikelen Walker, Erich Lane and Henry Alexander Kelly | The Filmcraziest Show

Last week I posted the first part of my Game Night with the team behind the film “Murder Bury Win,” featuring writer and director Michael Lovan, as well as the core trio of actors in Mikelen Walker as Chris, Erich Lane as Adam and Henry Alexander Kelly as Barrett. We played some Hangman in that one and had the more standard interview in that episode of The Filmcraziest Show.

The film itself is about the trio of board game designers who are trying to turn their game, Murder Bury Win, into the next big board game hit. The premise of the game is self-explanatory within the title — killing someone and getting away with it, and then winning the game. After a freak accident happens, they must use their wits and what they learned from creating the game to get out of a sticky situation.

In this second part of the marathon interview, this episode is just all fun as we play a modified version of the game Werewolf called Murder Bury How, tailored to tie in a bit more appropriately into the film. There are a lot of laughs here as we sneak in some fun facts in between the games, and end by learning how twisted we really are when it comes to our imaginations. As well, if you want to watch me lie horribly, this is the episode to watch.

Murder Bury Win is now available to watch on digital formats, and you can find some viewing options here. I’ve included the YouTube conversation below (which I personally think is the best way to watch this episode), but also the audio, which you can listen to below or go here to download it.

*Podcast music courtesy of bensound.com.

And in case you missed it, here’s the first part: 

And if you want even more, you can find my conversation with the team from November right here.

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