The Filmcraziest Show – Interview with Michael Lovan, Henry Alexander Kelly and Mikelen Walker for “Murder Bury Win”

On this new episode of The Filmcraziest Show (formerly Filmcraziest Interviews), I interview some of the creative minds behind the upcoming dark comedy Murder Bury Win, as I speak to writer/director Michael Lovan, one of the main actors Henry Alexander Kelly (who plays Barrett) and one of the other main actors Mikelen Walker (who plays Chris).

The story: Chris (Mikelen Walker), Adam (Erich Lane) and Barrett (Henry Alexander Kelly) are aspiring entrepreneurs trying to sell the latest indie board game hit, the titular Murder Bury Win, where the premise is to kill someone and get away with murder. After their fundraising campaign on a site called Game Changer isn’t successful, they’re invited by a mysterious caller (Craig Cackowski) to his cabin in the middle of nowhere. He wants to publish their game and then a freak accident occurs here where the trio must use everything they’ve learned from their game about getting away with murder and bring that into real life. The film also stars Erich Lane and Craig Cackowski.

Writer/director Michael Lovan holds up fictional board game Mummy Picnic featured in Murder Bury Win on The Filmcraziest Show.

Some of our conversation topics in this half-hour episode, which is very lite on spoilers by the way, we chat our favourite board games, designing the actual game in Murder Bury Win as well as the designs of other indie games that show up in the film that aren’t playable, and we also get into scenarios where we ourselves think of how we’d kill someone and dispose of the body… We also chat Leprechaun and Irish accents, our own competitive natures and more. You can listen to the podcast below or go here to download it.

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