“Another Gay Movie,” “Pet Peeves” Interview | Actor Jonah Blechman | The Filmcraziest Show

For this episode of The Filmcraziest Show, my guest was actor Jonah Blechman and here, we spoke about two of his roles in a busy 2021 for him. The first role is animal psychic Milton in the new short-form TV series Pet Peeves which premiered on Revry.TV on National Pet Day last month, and the premise of the show is Milton helping pet owners figure out what their pets are really thinking.

The second project we spoke about was one of Jonah’s most popular roles as Nico Hunter in Another Gay Movie (pictured as the character in the featured image), a raunchy teen sex comedy from 2006 in the vein of American Pie about a quartet of gay men trying to lose their virginity before heading off to college. The film recently celebrated its 15th anniversary with a Director’s Cut of the film through Breaking Glass Pictures.

Jonah Blechman, Pet Peeves
Jonah Blechman as Milton in Pet Peeves. (Courtesy of Potent PR.)

In the conversation, we discuss getting into the character of Milton on Pet Peeves, why it worked best as a series, creator Spencer Schilly writing a character for Jonah and also what Jonah looks for when auditioning for characters. Then, we transitioned into a conversation about Another Gay Movie as we spoke about how he first got on board the film and how he initially wasn’t going to do it but the script stuck with him because of how much it bothered him; as well as how the film may be perceived today, the cast changes for the sequel, his favourite looks, his dance moves, Graham Norton and Richard Hatch and more in between.

You can find the conversation directly below or go here to download it; and you can also watch the YouTube version of the podcast, as well. To check out the three episodes of Pet Peeves, you can click right here, and to learn more about the anniversary release of the raunchiness that is Another Gay Movie and its viewing options, follow this link.  As well, to stay up to date with what Jonah is up to, check out his Facebook and his Instagram.

Podcast music courtesy of bensound.com.

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