Interview: Director Brian Morrison and musicians Daniel Strauch, Michael Marx-Gibbons for documentary “Bastards’ Road” (The Filmcraziest Show)

In this first of two interviews of my coverage of the new documentary Bastards’ Road, I was able to chat with Brian Morrison – the director, editor and cinematographer of the film – as well as founders of the music media company Aliceanna Collective, Daniel Strauch and Michael Marx-Gibbons, who provided three original songs for the film.

The documentary tells the story of Jon Hancock, a Marine veteran who walked 5,800 miles around the United States, using the solitude of the road and company of his fellow Marine brothers and their families of their fallen to successfully manage his wounds from war. This is as he goes across the country visiting his Marine brothers, as well as visiting those Gold Star families.

In the conversation with Brian, Daniel and Michael, we chat about how they first got involved in the project, Brian going from music videos for Aliceanna Collective to this feature-length doc, creating the montages of the film and the production behind the music, as well as talking about the subjects that the film brings up like suicide rates among veterans, as well as the stigma behind trauma and in Marine culture, fearing you don’t have the necessary strength; and how important it is that we can have these conversations now. We also talk some favourite moments related to the film, and much more in between.

Bastards' Road - Still-11-min
Miguel Aguilar, Brian Britton and Jonathan Hancock in Bastards’ Road. (Courtesy of Cinematic Red PR.)

The film is now available on iTunes, Fandago Now, YouTube, Google Play and more, as well as DVD. You can listen to the podcast directly below, or go here to download it, and you can also check out the YouTube version of the conversation directly below, as well. Stay tuned to this space in the next couple of days, where I will post my conversation with the film’s subject, Jon Hancock.

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