Interview: Writer, Actress Anna Shields on Bigfoot vs. Wendigo horror film, “Dawn of the Beast”

On this episode of The Filmcraziest Show, I spoke with Anna Shields last month about the release of the new horror film Dawn of the Beast, which Anna wrote and co-starred in. The film is about a group of graduate students who go to the woods to hunt down Bigfoot. There, they get more than they bargained for when they learn that Bigfoot is real, but the Wendigo is also in those same woods.

The film blends some psychological horror with creature feature in a bit of a battle of the Bigfoot and Wendigo, and there are also more layers to the film throughout. Which team would you be – Bigfoot or Wendigo?

The film is directed by Bruce Wemple, written by Shields, and also stars Francesca Anderson, Adrián Burke, Chris Cimperman, Ariella Mastroianni, Roger M. Mayer, Willard Morgan, Grant Schumacher and LeJon Woods.

In the conversation, we talk about believing in Bigfoot or the Wendigo, how one of her other Bigfoot films, Monstrous, had a very different approach to Bigfoot; a collaborative set and working with the same people, a bit about the writing process, the design of the creatures, the title of the film, the sound design and sound effect of the creature, and so much more in between.

You can listen to the episode directly below, go here to download it or watch the conversation on YouTube below, as well.

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