The Filmcraziest Show – John Hsu for “Detention”

On this episode of The Filmcraziest Show (note, that when this was recorded I still referred to it as Filmcraziest Interviews), I chatted with John Hsu, the director and co-writer of the Taiwanese horror film based on a video game of the same name, Detention. (My review of the film out of Fantasia can be found here.)

The plot: Detention is set during the White Terror in Taiwan in 1962 during a time of martial law where freedom was not known and free thoughts were oppressed. However, going against the government’s wishes, some students at Greenwood High School are part of a secret book club reading banned books. Fang Ray-Shin (Gingle Wang) is at the centre of this group and one night, after lessons, Fang wakes up in a classroom and finds the school entirely changed. Also there is fellow student and book club member Wei Chong-Ting (Jing Hua-Tseng) and together they must find a way out of this nightmare. The film also stars Meng Po-Fu, Cecilia Choi and others.

On this episode, we discuss what it was like adapting the video game, what John’s first time playing Detention was like, what it was like designing some of the characters, as well as what it was like trying to please the fans, and more. You can listen to the episode below or download the episode here.

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