The Filmcraziest Show – Amelia Moses, Lauren Beatty, Katharine King So, “Bloodthirsty”

On this episode of The Filmcraziest Show to talk about the film Bloodthirsty, a Canadian werewolf horror film that just had its Canadian premiere at the Blood in the Snow Film Festival. I was joined by director Amelia Moses, as well as actresses Lauren Beatty (who plays the lead role of Grey), as well as Katharine King So (who plays Grey’s girlfriend, Charlie).

The synopsis (as told by Amelia Moses): Bloodthirsty follows Grey, a young indie singer who has had success with her first album and now she’s struggling to write her second album and she’s invited to a mansion by an elusive record producer and she brings along her girlfriend Charlie, who’s a painter, and then by spending time working on this album and spending time with this producer she discovers a desire for flesh and blood.

On the episode, we talk about what inspired the title Bloodthirsty, the music of the film, what it was like having so many women in significant roles on the film from in front of the camera to behind it; what it was like telling this female story and having queer representation on-screen in both roles; what it was like working with Greg Bryk; the eccentric mansion in Edmonton; as well as some similarities to Amelia Moses’ first feature Bleed with Me, which also starred Lauren Beatty and was also screening as part of the Blood in the Snow Film Festival. There’s much more, too.

Just a note about spoilers before you listen: There’s a spoiler warning at 9:40-11:00 where we touch on the ending and the female empowerment in the film; and there’s a heavier spoiler warning that starts at 34:30 and goes until 45:36 where we spoil the ending and discuss some of the film’s practical effects and make-up, so if you don’t want the film ruined, skip past this part.

Anyway, you can listen to the episode below or download it here.

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