Filmcraziest Interviews – Terence Krey and Christine Nyland, “An Unquiet Grave”

Welcome to another episode of Filmcraziest Interviews and for this episode I chatted with Terence Krey (writer, director and producer) and Christine Nyland (writer and star, pictured in the featured image) for their new film An Unquiet Grave, which had its World Premiere on Oct. 11 at the Nightstream virtual film festival.

The film stars Jacob A. Ware as Jamie, a widow one year removed from the death of his wife. One night, he enlists the help of his sister-in-law Ava (Christine Nyland) to help him bring her back from the dead. It’s a two-actor chamber horror directed by Terence Krey, and written by Krey and Nyland.

Also, here’s an answer from Terence Krey (via e-mail) that I wasn’t able to ask during the discussion:

Filmcraziest: I loved the score by Hugo Lopez; how important was that in setting the tone of the film?

Terence Krey: Hugo is an old friend and has scored a number of our projects in the past, so his work was instrumental in setting the tone. The challenge with this film was having a score that did not overpower the many small and subtle moments that make up the story. Hugo did an excellent job of creating a score that just barely exists in the quiet moments, but still helps accentuate the dread of it all. And then when it goes big, he goes there fully.

Terence Krey
Terence Krey and a friend. (Courtesy of his website.)

On the episode, we get into more of a spoiler discussion than I think any of us thought we would as we discuss the main character of Ava and Jamie, as well as the ending, and the big spoiler discussion runs from 6 minutes until 18:30 (and then again at 28:30 until 29:15) so this is a great podcast to listen to after watching the film, as half of the episode are spoilers. Consider yourself warned.

When we’re not chatting spoilers, we talked about what it was like making a film with only two people on screen; some of the gore on set and what makes them cringe most while watching horror; as well as much more.

If that’s something that sounds fun, you can listen below or go here to download the episode.

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