Filmcraziest Interviews – Andrew Rutter and Chris Butler on Peter the Penguin

On this episode of Filmcraziest Interviews, I am joined by writer/director Andrew Rutter, as well as lead actor and executive producer Chris Butler (pictured in the photo above) about their new short film, Peter the Penguin, which just premiered at Fantasia Film Festival, paired with 12 Hour Shift.

The short itself is about Nigel (Chris Butler) who is meeting his girlfriend’s daughter, Emily, for the first time as he hopes to make a big impression, as the film at first taps into the anxieties of this situation, which turns the situation into something that gets stranger by the minute.

Andrew Rutter
Director Andrew Rutter. (Photo courtesy of Andrew Rutter, from his Twitter).

I won’t spoil anymore, but my review of the film can be found here. Also, a mild spoiler warning is in effect for parts of this podcast from 12:55 to 23:30. We kind-of insinuate the ending but don’t entirely spoil it outright, but it would be pretty easy to guess the ending if you listen to this portion of the podcast. Though, while I think this entire interview is great, this spoiler section of the interview has great stories, so if you don’t mind spoilers, listen away.

The interview is below and you can download the audio here.

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