So which famous figures were born on August 17?

A few big stars were born on this day: Robert De Niro (69 — Ha!), and Sean Penn (52).

Some of De Niro’s best known films are HeatCasinoGoodfellas or Taxi Driver (which I haven’t, ashamedly, seen any of them, I own the first three but I just have to find the time), and he’s pretty well known for his comedic roles in Meet the ParentsMeet the Fockers and the not-so-good third entry, Little Fockers. He is both a great drama actor and comedy actor. De Niro has won two Academy Awards for Best Actor in Raging Bull and Best Suppourting Actor for his work in The Godfather Part II. And he has four other nominations to his name. Robert De Niro is one actor that I respect, love to watch work and would love to see a lot more of his films. I haven’t been into old classics and stuff for a long time, so I really would like to watch some of his best flicks.

 Some of Penn’s best known films are Mystic River21 Grams, and Milk. Damn. Another actor’s best known flicks that I haven’t seen any of. I guess I have a lot of time to see these classics, I am only seventeen years old. Penn won the Best Actor Oscars for Mystic River and Milk. And he’s also been nominated for three other Best Actor Oscars. I’ve seen him in Fast Times at Ridgemont High and in the Fincher thriller The Game, which I enjoyed him in both.                            Although I haven’t seen a lot of Penn’s films (similar to De Niro) a lot his flicks are on my watchlist.

(On a side note unrelated to their birthdays) I’m an aspiring movie buff, I say aspiring because I haven’t seen a lot of classics. Crap. I need to work on that. But I am going to watch Jaws (it’ll be like a new experience as I saw it like seven years ago) and Deliverance tonight. So, I’m pretty excited for those thrilling experiences.

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