American Wedding – A Film review by Daniel Prinn — Better than the second.


American Wedding

Release Date: August 1, 2003

Director: Jesse Dylan

Stars: Jason Biggs, Alyson Hannigan, Seann William Scott

Runtime: 96 min

Tagline: Forever hold your piece. 

It was a bit of an improvement compared to the franchise’s second outing.

The crew is back (excluding the characters played by Chris Klein, Mena Suvari, Tara Reid and Natasha Lyonne, and a decent decision that was after the disastrous second film), and Jim and Michelle are getting married, and they’ve invited all of Jim’s old pals and Michelle’s little sister.

Oh, and the unwanted Stifler makes a pretty comedic drop-in at the wedding party that he thinks is a graduation party. Some shenanigans that are played out include a bachelor party, Stifler mistakenly going to a gay bar, and Finch and Stifler switching roles (Finch becoming the Finchmeister, and Stifler becoming sophisticated) to win the affection of Michelle’s little sister, Cadence.

I was more entertained by this film than the second, it’s definitely better; not by very much, but better. A lot of the material was pretty fresh, I enjoyed it. It has more memorable scenes than the second, it’s a decent comedy.

The really only notable stars that are added to the mix are January Jones and Eric Allan Kramer portraying a character called Bear, and he now plays the Dad on the Family channel show Good Luck Charlie, kind of an interesting thing that he went from a pretty vulgar and nude comedy like this to a family TV show.

If you liked the first and want to see a better film than the second, give it a watch.



2 thoughts on “American Wedding – A Film review by Daniel Prinn — Better than the second.

  1. Good review Daniel. This one is a lot better than the second, but focused a little bit too much on Stifler and should have payed a bit more attention to Jim and Michelle. Still, Seann William Scott was game for everything he had to be put through in this film and that’s what made it so much funnier.

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