Interview: In Conversation with “Red Stone” Director and Writer Derek Presley | The Filmcraziest Show

Featured image: Neal McDonough as Boon in Red Stone. (Courtesy of Fons PR.)

In Red StoneDash Melrose plays the young Motley Adams, going about his average day, getting fired from his job. Over the course of one day, his life is turned upside down when he witnesses the murder of his brother at the hands of Jed Haywood (Michael Cudlitz), a ruthless Southern crime lord. That’s where our other main antihero, Boon (Neal McDonough), comes in and tries to track down Motley before the more intense enforcer, Hutch (Billy Blair), can track him down. This is all as Boon is questioning his career path, questioning his deadly ways and which side he wants to belong to.

Boasting this fine cast, director Derek Presley is able to explore these character dynamics through the crime world that he creates. The way he displays the film’s violence is also a fantastic way to show the difference in character in this film. It’s quick and matter-of-fact when the professionals are forced to use violence (Jed and Boon both use speedy pea shooters), but only use violence when it’s absolutely necessary. Someone like Hutch uses a shotgun or massive pistol. He doesn’t mind violence loud and gory, because he does it for the fun of it.

The interview

These are some aspects of the film discussed with the film’s writer and director Derek Presley, as I was able to speak with him about the film for my podcast The Filmcraziest Show. In our conversation, we also touch on filming in Corsicana, Texas; creating the crime syndicate world and being more like a pulpy action thriller; Billy Blair’s bolo tie; the character dynamics, getting the Band of Brothers back together with Neal McDonough and Michael Cudlitz, what Presley is working on next, and more in between.

You can find that conversation above on my YouTube channel. If you prefer to simply listen, find it below in audio form or download it here. As well, for when you can watch Red Stoneit will be releasing this coming Friday, December 3rd in both select theatres, digital formats and on Premium On Demand.

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