“It Takes a Christmas Village” Interview | Star Brooke Nevin, Star/Director Corey Sevier | The Filmcraziest Show

Featured Image: Corey Sevier as Darcy Hawkins being pushed by Brooke Nevin as Mayor Alex Foster in It Takes a Christmas Village. (Courtesy of Route 504 PR.)

In It Takes a Christmas Village, Brooke Nevin stars as Mayor Alex Foster in the small town of Hawkin’s Bay (Cambridge, Ontario subs in for the fictional town inspired by Almonte, Ontario). She’s scrambling before Christmas time as construction on the local bridge that runs through Main Street is taking much longer than expected.

The shops along Main Street are getting no business during the busiest season because of the detour. Foster gets the bright idea to make use of an old textile mill and run a Christmas Market, but to do so she needs permission from the family who owns it and bury the hatchet with the Hawkins family, where she meets the son of the family, Darcy Hawkins (Cory Sevier, who also directs).

It Takes a Christmas Village hits the usual beats in these classic Christmas romance movies, like introducing us to the pair and then the winter bonding sequence which involves a really fun tobogganing scene here. This film entertains for the pairing between Nevin and Sevier who have good chemistry, and Lynne Griffin – who plays Darcy’s Gran – is one of the best characters in the film simply because she seems like such a sweetheart.


I don’t watch many of these Christmas romance films, so this interview with stars Brooke Nevin and star/director Corey Sevier was really fun for me, as we talk about why these films have such a great audience, what keeps them bringing back to make these films, Corey’s wife Kate Pragnell writing the film, and their favourite occupations they’ve played in these kinds of films.

We talk a lot more about their film, and you can find that conversation above on YouTube. You can also find the conversation in audio form right below, or download it here.

As well, It Takes a Christmas Village is having a one-night only theatrical run in Landmark Cinemas tonight, November 29, at 7 p.m. across Canada. The Ontario locations include Hamilton, Waterloo, Orleans, Kanata, Whitby; the Alberta locations include Calgary Country and Edmonton City; and the B.C. locations include New Westminster, Kelowna, Nanaimo and Penticton; and it’s playing in Winnipeg Towne in Manitoba. Find tickets here.

As well, the film will be available to watch on Super Channel on Demand from Wednesday, December 1, and will be having its TV premiere on Super Channel on Saturday, December 4.

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