“Creation Stories” Interview | Director Nick Moran | The Filmcraziest Show

At the height of Britpop, the founder and head of Creation Records, Alan McGee (played by Ewen Bremner in the biography Creation Stories) was at the height of his career, discovering bands like Oasis that would heavily influence the 1990s, and music from there on. Nick Moran’s film tells the story of the rebellion of the age, as it also highlights McGee’s story as he deals with the temptations that come from his world, in Los Angeles and in Scotland. 

As we’re introduced to Alan McGee from the beginning, we know we’re in for what’s probably a vulgar ride, as the dialogue hooks early. Nick Moran as director and Ewen Bremner as star take us on a crazy ride through the drugs and alcohol of rock ‘n roll, and the success that comes with being a head of a record label. Even when that success goes to Alan’s head, Bremner believably brings us back to Earth after riding that high.

Those party scenes are fun, but the intimate scenes here are the strongest, like when missing a train changes music history and Alan finds Oasis in a bar, and knows that it feels different. Great moments like that one, and other strong emotional moments and some truly laugh-out-loud ones. That’s what makes Creation Stories work so well as there’s always some variety.

The interview

For my podcast The Filmcraziest Show, I was able to talk with the film’s director Nick Moran about Creation Stories. This is Moran’s third feature film as director, where he also has a cameo in the film, adding into his prolific work as actor – as he is known for films like Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels or for his role as scavenger Scabior in the pair of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows films.

In our conversation, he talks about his work as an actor and as a director and why he chooses his directing projects so carefully. We talk about the filming of that scene where Alan watches Oasis play for the first time and what went into that scene, and we talk a lot about the music in the film and how Nick knows this subject so well because he was there, and how much of the music in the film is from his collection. He shares some great anecdotes, like how he got David Bowie’s song Rebel Rebel for the film. We also touch on some cameos in the film – like Paul Kaye and Jason Isaacs.

There’s more in this conversation that you can check out directly above on YouTube, or listen to it directly below and listen to it here. As well, Creation Stories is now currently available to watch On Demand in Canada, on platforms like YouTube, Apple TV or Google Play.

Podcast music courtesy of bensound.com.

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