“Queen of Spades” Interview | Actress Ava Preston | The Filmcraziest Show

Featured image: Ava Preston as Anna, and Krista Marchand as the Queen in Queen of Spades. (Courtesy of Fons PR.)

Queen of Spades is a new horror film that was actually filmed in Ottawa, Canada, my hometown. The film, a remake of a 2015 Russian horror film, Queen of Spades: The Dark Rite, follows the character of Anna (Ava Preston).

She and three of her friends as they learn about the urban legend of the Queen of Spades, a Bloody Mary-esque urban legend, where if you hold a candle in front of a mirror, draw a door and a staircase with red lipstick and say her name three times, you’ll invite the Queen of Spades into our world. If her spirit’s at peace, you’ll get one wish; but if she’s vengeful… Well, you won’t like what you get instead. Naturally, they believe it to be just a game and make the mistake of playing.

Patrick White’s film takes this familiar lore and shares the Queen of Spades with North American audiences, creating some interesting horror sequences in the process, like utilizing a swimming pool at the apartment. It’s also intriguing that, while many films in this teen horror space with films like these, the parents are almost entirely ignored and here, Anna’s mother, Mary (Kaelen Ohm), could have easily been ignored as she’s always working. Instead, she’s a big part of the action, which gives this tale an extra layer.

These are some of the things I spoke with in my two interviews for Queen of Spades, and in this interview I spoke with the film’s lead actress, Ava Preston for my podcast The Filmcraziest Show. In the conversation, we speak about playing the game of Queen of Spades and Bloody Mary, being a self-proclaimed “scaredy cat,” seeing the Queen of Spades for the first time on set, if she likes being in horror films and also working with Kaelen Ohm as Mary. We also talk about the film being a remake, the drive-in premiere, and her favourite playing card.

There’s more in the conversation that you can listen to directly below, go here to download it, or check out the YouTube video, as well. I’ll be posting my interview with the film’s director and co-writer, Patrick White, tomorrow and I will update this post with a link.

Queen of Spades is now available in select theatres; and will be available On Demand in the U.S. and Canada on June 15, with the film’s Blu-Ray release slated for June 29.

*Podcast music courtesy of bensound.com.

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