“Reboot Camp” Interview | Actors David Lipper and Keli Price | The Filmcraziest Show

Reboot Camp is a mockumentary that pokes fun at con artists, specifically in the way that certain self-help gurus can con people out of tons of money because of self-help retreats. The character of Seymour (played by David Lipper) learns that the hard way when his wife bankrupts them by spending all their money on these said retreats.

With his brother, Danny (Keli Price), these characters create Reboot Camp, with the intent of showing people how easy it is to create a fake self-help group and con people into believing anything, as they aim to show the footage to the campers once it’s all over. Instead, the camp develops a life of its own and it becomes a full-blown cult. The comedy/mockumentary is written and directed by Ivo Raza and also stars Lindsey Shaw, Chaz Bono, David Koechner, Ed Begley Jr., and Ja Rule.

For my second interview in my coverage of Reboot Camp, my guests for today’s episode of The Filmcraziest Show are the stars of the film, David Lipper and Keli Price. In the conversation, we discuss creating the character of Gordon St. Pierre and what it was like for David playing two characters, we discuss their producer roles and what it was like getting all these people on board, the comedy of the film and the struggle of keeping a straight face, the Nicole Aniston slide, and Keli Price getting in the filmmaker headspace to play Danny.  

There’s so much more that we talk about and you can listen to the podcast directly below, go here to download it or watch the YouTube conversation directly below, as well. Reboot Camp is now available to stream on digital platforms wherever you get your films, and for the U.S. readers, click here for some viewing options. 

*Podcast music courtesy of bensound.com.

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