“Reboot Camp” Interview | Writer, Director Ivo Raza | The Filmcraziest Show

Reboot Camp is a mockumentary that pokes fun at con artists while still maintaining the respect for those who want to better themselves through self-help. This scenario just happens to turn into a cult, as the film follows a pair of brothers – Seymour (David Lipper) and Danny (Keli Price) – who decide to start the titular camp as a documentary to show how easy it would be to start a fake self-help group and con people into believing anything.

Lipper also plays the head and face of the camp, a French Canadian alter ego named Gordon St. Pierre, as the larger-than-life self-help guru. As the camp gains momentum and more people come on board and develops a life of its own, it turns into a full-blown cult. The film also stars Lindsey Shaw, Chaz Bono, Ed Begley Jr., and has some fun cameos by David Koechner, Ja Rule, Billy Morrison and Nicole Aniston, to name a few.

It’s also written and directed by Ivo Raza, who is today’s guest for this episode of my podcast The Filmcraziest Show. In the conversation, we cover the research on the film about self-help gurus, researching cults through a comedic lens instead of a horror lens, love bombing, David Lipper workshopping the Gordon St. Pierre character, how they got the cameos for the film, angry yoga, slides, loving the art of mockumentary and so much more in between.

You can listen to the podcast directly below, go here to download it or watch the YouTube conversation below, as well. Reboot Camp is available now to stream on digital platforms wherever you get your films, and for the U.S., click here for some viewing options.

*Podcast music courtesy of bensound.com.

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