The Filmcraziest Show – Phillip G. Carroll Jr., Chloe Carroll, Jim Schubin, “The Honeymoon Phase” (Spoiler Show, Podcast Interview)

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

On this episode of The Filmcraziest Show, I have a returning guest in writer-director and producer Phillip G. Carroll for his film The Honeymoon Phase, as well as actress and producer Chloe Carroll, who plays Eve in the film, as well as actor Jim Schubin who plays Tom in the film. I usually put a spoiler warning before for certain spots of my interviews, but this episode will be a spoiler show so it’d be a great one to listen to after watching The Honeymoon Phase. If you want the less spoiler heavy conversation with just myself and Phil, which was one of the first interviews I did for this podcast back in August 2020, you can check that out here.

About the film: The film is a psychological sci-fi thriller where struggling couple Tom (Jim Schubin) and Eve (Chloe Carroll) endure a 30-day scientific experiment as “newlyweds” (they lie on their application; they aren’t actually married yet). They’ll get room, board and $50,000 if they spend a month alone together in an isolated smart home. Everything that can go wrong, does go wrong… The film is written and directed by Phillip G. Carroll Jr., it stars Chloe Carroll, Jim Schubin, Tara Westwood and François Chau. Here is my review of the film if you are interested.

Also, this will be very likely the longest interview I do (at a 90-minute behemoth) and it is just a lot of random questions (as it’s mostly me trying to extract every Easter Egg), but it’s also some of the most fun I’ve had doing an interview. Some of the conversation topics in it include: creating chemistry and what it was like for husband-and-wife team Phillip and Chloe to work together, the awkwardness of shooting a sex scene, writer’s block, the big twist of the film and everything that has to do with that, growing beards for roles, Christmas Day memories, condoms, bathtubs, writing baby names, the experience of filming the climactic scene on a crazy day of filming, and some of the deleted scenes on the DVD, the CGI of the film, and Arnold Schwarzenegger impressions. Spoilers follow. 

You can listen to the episode below or go here to download it.

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