Hemlock Grove, Episode 3, “The Order of the Dragon”

Hemlock GrovePeter and Roman team up to catch the killer who is doing the crimes, and they think it’s a werewolf. Peter (a gypsy/werewolf – whose turning is like a snake that sheds its skin in its entirety, so perhaps that explains the show’s obsession with serpents) is somehow connected to the bad werewolf in dreams. We learn that it’s a vargulf, which is a mentally insane werewolf who kills people for the thrill; while a largulf, like Peter, who never goes out on a full moon on an empty stomach, only kills someone if provoked or attacked. Those terms are only what I think I heard, certain actors have awful pronunciation at times (at one point, when they say upyr, I heard elber). It makes sense why Peter wants to hunt for the killer, because he wants to clear his name as a rumoured suspect, but it’s never clear why Roman wants to help. It seems he’s angry, for some reason? Or maybe just bored? I can’t tell with his acting.


He’s a weird character; at one point, when his sister is being interrogated by a pair of idiots who are asking why she killed the girls, he makes the two guys kiss each other. He likes to humiliate people; he’s just weird. Roman and Peter also share a dream, which doesn’t make sense, where Roman shouts at birds and they all fall down at the same time. (Birds wobble and sometimes they do fall down.) It feels insignificant at this point in time. They go to Peter’s cousin Destiny (a lovely Kaniehtiio Horn) for insight. With the average customer, she’s a gypsy con artist – and uses fake magic.


There’s a pointless scene where a brother of a worker at the Godfrey Institute is angry that he lost his brother because of it. It adds some danger conspiracy to the Godfrey Institute, and it tries to show that Olivia (Famke Janssen) is feared by all. I don’t buy it. It’s such a weird scene. Anyway, a new character, Clementine, has been introduced. She’s a wildlife worker and she’s been brought into the local investigation of the murders. Christina describes her as a “Hannibal Lecter for animals.” Speaking of Christina; at the beginning of the episode, she discovers the body of a young woman in the middle of the woods. Despite all of the ongoing murders, she assumes it’s a prank corpse torn in half – so she imitates the Red Riding Hood fairy tale, and says “What pretty lips you have!” She kisses the corpse, maybe for the experience? “I kissed a corpse, just to try it!” Tina’s usually smart and observant, but not at this moment.

Since Peter is somehow a prime suspect, Clem also pays him a visit – and calls him a hirsute (very hairy) young man, even though he’s not very hairy beard down. Apparently, a lot of hair is reason to believe that he’s a werewolf. Great logic. This meeting shows that Landon Liboiron (as Peter) is just awful when he’s being overly polite. This mildly boring show hasn’t amounted to much, there’s just a “That’s it?” feeling after every episode.


Score: 50/100






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