Hemlock Grove: Episode 2, “The Angel”

Hemlock Grove2This show keeps turning into more and more of a horror soap opera. It’s very moody, and everyone has a lot of secrets. Though, it does have great music and a strong score. In this episode, Peter’s kindness to Roman’s sister Shelley gives the two a reason to bond. They also meet each other after the previous episode’s cliff-hanger ending. They bond by smoking and driving around, but their chemistry is pretty good. It’s an unlikely little friendship. They even pass notes in class like eighth graders.


We learn that the Godfrey’s have made a name for themselves in experimentation, and making people as normal as they could be. Roman’s cousin Letha (Penelope Mitchell) gets a lot of development this time around, as she believes she is impregnated by, get this, an angel! This show just gets crazier and crazier! Sounds like this episode should be titled Touched by an Angel. This also exposes a further obsession of serpents.

Throughout the episode Roman looks for a guy to interrogate to ask if he slept with his cousin. Roman gets some new abilities and Peter also shows a new side to himself. It’s a show that, essentially, seems to be about the darkness in everyone and that many people wear masks, and one’s true monster is in their eyes. But we have Dexter for that already, so we do we need this? It just adds a horror aspect to it all. And one part is equal parts bat-shit crazy and disturbing.


Christina gets further development, and she’s shaping to be one of my favourite characters. Freya Tingley is a 19-year-old portraying a 14-year-old, which isn’t so believable, but with the character’s maturity I would have initially had put her at sixteen or seventeen years old. Either way, I think she’s quite lovely. One thing that indicates her bookworm-like features is the fact that she knows the symbol of evolution (in episode 3) but does not know the quote “You don’t put baby in the corner.” The show is a bit boring so Tina is a welcome addition.





5 thoughts on “Hemlock Grove: Episode 2, “The Angel”

  1. I tried watchiing this show twice and it put me to sleep each time. I don’t know why I can’t get into it.

      1. Lol. I can see that. I haven’t found a single person that actually likes this show yet :]

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