The Possession (2012)

The PossessionRelease Date: August 31, 2012Director: Ole BornedalStars: Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Kyra Sedgwick, Natasha CalisRuntime: 92 min.

There’s a lot of strange behaviour in “The Possession”. There’s a lot of moths, as well. But not a lot of scariness. Dean Morgan delivers a good performance as the caring father. The little girl who is possessed is pretty disturbing; so that translates to a decent performance in a horror movie. The beginning sets up an atmospheric movie, but the entire feature ultimately doesn’t deliver. It becomes sillier and sillier as it goes along. The first half is decent – but it skids along to its ending that doesn’t come as soon as you’d like. Director Ole Bornedal pulls out every trick in the horror book without much surprise. The unsettling mood in the first half is appealing. The true story edge is the only other intriguing aspect of the movie. But it just changes from unsettling, to exhausting and boring. It plays out like every other demonic possession/exorcism flick known to man, without many effective frights. It will still get points for effort, anyway.


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