Detroit Rock City (1999)

Detroit Rock CityRelease Date: August 13, 1999Director: Adam RifkinStars: Edward Furlong, James DeBello, Sam HuntingtonRuntime: 95 min.

Music isn’t one of my passions. I love the idea of it – but since I don’t have an iPod, or even a decent pair of headphones, I find it hard to sit down and actually listen to some good music. I do love the industry and see how it enhances everything. (When I was at a screening of “Monsters University”, and the sound cut out right at the end credits, I couldn’t help but think how bloody boring the end credits was without music.) I’d love to get into it more. (So feel free to leave any suggestions for good songs in the comment section…) All that being said, I am no rocker, so I really don’t know what I’m doing watching “Detroit Rock City”, a movie about four pals doing just about anything to get to see their idols, KISS.

That goal keeps being sidetracked by bullies, a lack of money, and a crazed religious mother and a society who thinks KISS is devil’s music.

“Detroit Rock City” is interesting in the way that it shows the social ideals of the 90’s. The movie isn’t really for me. I’m not the target audience, but I can see how it’s a favourite for some. There is some entertainment to be had under the overall poor writing. Seeing these kids stand up for their beliefs is rousing. I liked seeing Natasha Lyonne and Melanie Lynskey in here. For me, this is just a load of mediocrity.

It’s mainly a comedy, but I only remember laughing out loud once at a priest who ate some pizza with magic mushrooms on it. And I did find my suspension of disbelief being stretched too much when a MILF wanted to screw Edward Furlong’s character…There are decent chuckles throughout this flick, as the things these kids are willing to do to get into the concert are mildly amusing.


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