June 7-9 Box Office Predictions, ‘The Purge’ and ‘The Internship’

For a movie that no one really knew about this time two months ago (or so); The Purge has really broken out. Many, many Tweeters are anticipating this; so this tells me it would attract a fine audience. Horror lovers haven’t gotten a good horror release since April with Evil Dead, so I think this will top expectations and earn around $25 million (call me crazy). Home invasion horror can be fairly popular (The Strangers opened to $20.9 million), and this premise seems very promising. Movies similar to this open to $16.68 million. I think Ethan Hawke’s going to have a very good year this year, much like Matthew McConaughey had in 2012. This is his second release of the year (after Before Midnight). It has a unique star power with Ethan Hawke and Game of Thrones‘ Lena Headey. The premise is going to be the true attraction, however, and I’m going to predict this at $25 million.

I really don’t think The Internship will do as well as The Purge this weekend. According to Joe over at Two Dude Review, the movie isn’t a big, hilarious comedy like Wedding Crashers. I’ll have to take that into consideration so I won’t be too disappointed by this; I’m pretty excited for it. (Though, I might have to lower my expectations because of its 32% standing on Rotten Tomatoes.) I’m not sure if this will be as successful because of its PG-13 rating. I think these guys are way funnier in R-rated movies (even though Dodgeball‘s a very funny PG-13 comedy; as is Starsky & Hutch). Each scene for this movie was filmed for a PG-13 version, and an R-rated version. (So I’m assuming the R-rated version will be on the Blu-Ray as the Unrated Version.) Owen Wilson has an average opening of $24.69 million. Similar movies to this open at an average $22.8 million, and I think that’s the ideal neighbourhood opening for this. Vince Vaughn has an average opening weekend of $25.19 million. I’m going to predict this at $20 million.

Here’s how I see the top 10:
1. The Purge: $25, 000, 000
2. The Internship: $20, 000, 000
3. Fast & Furious 6: $17, 690, 000
4. Now You See Me: $16, 800, 000
5. After Earth: $11, 586, 000
6. Star Trek Into Darkness: $10, 425, 000
7. Epic: $10, 175, 000
8. The Hangover Part III: $8, 050, 000
9. Iron Man 3: $3, 950, 000
10. The Great Gatsby: $3, 265, 000

And these are last weekend’s results. For the two new releases, I was off by $11, 430, 349; which is pretty good considering Now You See Me over-performed and After Earth disappointed.

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