Spring Breakers (2013)

Spring Breakers

Release Date: March 22, 2013 (initial wide release). Director: Harmony Korine. Stars: James Franco, Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez. Runtime: 94 min.

It’s a movie that gets so much better after you think about it quite a bit.

Brit (Ashley Benson), Candy (Vanessa Hudgens), Cotty (Rachel Korine) and Faith (Selena Gomez) are four friends anxious to let loose during spring break, but they lack sufficient funds to go on vacation. They hold up a restaurant for some quick cash, and they travel to St. Petersburg, Florida, in pursuit of a good time. They then find themselves in jail (for partying too hard, not robbing the restaurant) and are soon bailed out by a rapper, drug and arms dealer, Alien (James Franco), who introduces them into a criminal world that is both influential and intriguing for a group of girls who are still figuring out their path in life.

This is difficult to place into one basket, as it’s sometimes funny,  strange, violent, and rather brilliant. I think. It’s also a movie that isn’t afraid to make a statement. This examines the moral codes and the social strata of today’s youth through its four primary characters.

It expresses that today’s female youth aren’t difficult to manipulate and influence if you can give them something more exciting than their everyday routine. It’s also a reality check for the youth of today because those who go on spring break and party hard must realize that the vacation is a week, and they’ll have to get back to reality sooner than later. They shouldn’t immerse themselves into a path that is completely irrational. It also explores the consequences of these crazy decisions, in a rather intelligent fashion. Though, this is merely my own interpretation (among many other interpretations) of what  Korine is trying to say. The feature gets the point across fairly well, and it certainly isn’t as mindless as party brand TV show Jersey Shore or the moronic Project X (even though teen partying is the only similarity).

The character of Faith really contrasts the abnormal behaviour of the other girls, as she is more reserved and not as vulnerable to crazy corruption such as this. The character represents the better choices of youth, and Mr. Korine writes her in rather brilliantly, and his style is easy to love (even though casual, mainstream moviegoers may find it way too different and weird).

The film is very bright and highly-stylized. The cinematography opts for style by going with usual montage-esque filmmaking, and a few of the sequences feel like entertaining filler for the runtime. There are entertaining sequences, compelling sequences and compelling-but-strange sequences. Some of the oddest-yet-compelling scenes are the most memorable of the film. There’s a lot of tits and ass bouncing around throughout the feature, and some sequences are repetitive (one Girls Gone Wild-esque scene, in particular, gets shown two or three times). There are a few Britney Spears-related sequences where one is compelling and funny in a strange way (where Franco sings a bit of “Everytime” at his piano, and the girls dance around with assault rifles, and then it becomes background noise to a violent montage), and the other, to the song “Hit Me Baby One More Time” (if memory serves me correctly) is strange but rather fascinating.

They’re singing along and then Brit and Candy are telling Cotty (who was the getaway driver) and Faith (who stayed home) exactly how the restaurant robbery went down. They robbed the store with a hammer and a squirt gun, and they’re discussing how they got all up in the people’s faces saying, “Give me all your money, mother fucker!” Their behaviour seems completely irrational and it could really make an audience member uncomfortable, but it is oddly compelling, and no matter how hard anyone might try, it is impossible to look away. It also shows that these two specific girls were slightly off their rockers before they even meet Alien, and him giving them real guns doesn’t help their seemingly psychopathic behaviour in the slightest…

Some of Korine’s other creative choices also aren’t stellar. During a scene when Alien is getting prepared for a critical occasion, there’s a line of dialogue repeated over and over as background noise, and it isn’t very interesting (it almost gets tedious, almost). Also, sometimes when a new scene starts, the sound of a gun cocks and it gets old after the third time, so it’s incredibly pleasing that it happens about ten freaking times…

James Franco is the funniest part of the film as an insane, creepy, grill-wearing, violent, tatted-up gangster called Alien. He’s crazy but he’s probably cool enough to hang out with E.T. His charms draw the girls deeper into his insane world, and into his delusions (this guy calls his bed his space ship). His character only seems to be influencing the girls a little, because they’re (Brit and Candy, in particular) take plenty of insane liberties of their own. Franco has a blast playing Alien, and his performance is really one of the best parts of the film, even though he is a little crazy. When his character’s behaviour is challenged by the craziest of the spring breakers, we must question who the hell is influencing who, here… This is part of what makes Korine’s writing so brilliant at times. There isn’t a ton of comedy, and some of the biggest laughs come when Alien is, in fact, acting cuckoo, making funny gangster faces, or during the bizarre yet compelling Britney Spears sequence where he’s at the piano.

The bikini gals are also good performers (mostly just Benson, Hudgens and Gomez), and their performances are probably their finest hours, even though their previous roles in films have hardly been memorable. Selena Gomez has the smallest amount of screen time, and she’s really the representation of innocence in youth. Rachel Korine is the weakest of the bunch, and it seems this is a breakout role for her, and she might start to get typecast as the slut because she is not afraid to get fully nude. Former Disney star Vanessa Hudgens and the Pretty Little Liars star Ashley Benson, do enough R-rated actions in this film to allow them not to be typecast again. Though, that might be their goal and they might be trying to lose that innocent girl image, and if that’s the case, they achieve it with neon bikinis on. Their violent and abnormal roles represent an insane, irrational, curious party girl. I hope these roles turn out to be good career choices for all the girls, even if it prevents Hudgens or Benson (maybe even Gomez, even though her role compared to theirs is as innocent as a pony) from appearing on the Disney channel ever again.

Spring Breakers is a well-written, controversial, ultra-stylized, bright film that will divide audiences, especially the mainstream viewers who aren’t used Korine’s tendency to insert a ton of style, and are expecting something along the lines of Project X. Thankfully, the only similarity to Project X is teenage partying.

It’s a film that has a near must-see status because it’s fascinating and you can stand on either side of the spectrum, you might hate it or love it. You may hate it at first, but if you think about it a lot more, you might end up loving it. One thing is certain: It’s a thought-provoking, un-for-fucking-gettable experience.


13 thoughts on “Spring Breakers (2013)

  1. It definitely is one that seems better in retrospect, though not something I’d necessarily want to sit through again, heh. Nice review, man. 🙂

  2. What up Dan? I loved this film, and it gets better the more I think about it. So many folks seemed to dismiss the film as just some sort of T&A thing but that is not really what the film is about.


    I think I sort of disagree with you a bit about the Faith character. She does not take part in the initial heist but she is more than willing to reap the benefits from it. Then she is partying up with everyone, but bails on them as soon as they get bailed out after being busted. WWJD, ditch your friends as soon as thing don’t look so pretty. I think Korine might have been trying to point out her religious hypocrisy.

    1. I think a 75 is a respectable score (way better than the initial 60 I was thinking about giving it), if that’s what you meant by ‘What up Dan?’ [or maybe that’s just the way my mind read the tone, lol]

      Agreed, it seems main-streamers were expecting an insane Project X… That’s why I try to say drinking’s almost the only similarity 😀 I think I might want to watch it again, to think about it different ways…

      I took the fact that she was more innocent than the other gals because she did bow out when shit got too heated, and the consequences of her actions weren’t as bad. I like your valid points there, Scotty (I think that’s your name, so if I’m incorrect there!!). Thanks for the interesting interpretation of the character, and I’ll keep that in mind if I ever rewatch this 🙂 It definitely makes those church scenes with the big buff guy and them praying around in a circle seem less pointless!!

  3. I love the look of this movie and Franco’s performance but that’s about it. Although your reviews has made me want to seek this out again. I agree the girl’s discribing the bank robbing scene was really good and it really shows just how easy they would fit into Alien’s world. But when they made him perform a certain act on their guns. I almost lost my shit. Holy F___ was that intense. Great review Dan

    1. Haha thanks Vern, I’m really glad the review has that effect on you 😀

      Yeah, that scene was so intense but awesomely done… “I just sucked both yall’s dicks…” LOL. It was crazy. Felt so unique, because I’ve certainly never seen that done before. I didn’t know whether to laugh or just stay disturbed when he started doing that metal fellatio thing… I kinda felt the need to laugh an uncomfortable wtf laugh?

      1. I have to say that was Franco’s best scene for me. Well one of them. The look on his face when he was telling him “those guns are loaded” and then.. not to spoil it for anyone… but when that was going down the change on his face was, to use one of your words, compelling.

  4. This is an interesting review. It’s balanced, and more like a review than mine (I guess I just called it that coz I didn’t know what else it was haha).

    I agree that it’s a love it or hate it film for people who are strictly mainstream. Which is a shame coz to me that means that even the mainstream viewers who like it probably like it for more shallow reasons. It’s good to know there are other people out there who are looking and genuinely asking the question “now, why did Korine do that?” as opposed to just going “urgh I don’t like that he did that!” without contemplating it.

    I definitely think that I need to take it in again when it comes out on DVD. Just so I can apply all the stuff that I have thought about since the credits rolled.

    Thanks again for following my blog. Really appreciate it.

    1. @ your first comment: It certainly is one of the most memorable scenes, for sure!

      @ this comment:

      Haha thanks! It might be more of just a few thoughts post? I’m not sure lol, all I know I really enjoyed reading it!

      I think what’s he trying to say really comes across. Shallow reasons, exactly… Basically every fourteen year-old boy, right? Lol.

      Yeah, it seems like one could absorb it a lot better on second viewing. I’ll be checking it on DVD as well.

      My pleasure, Debbie; thank you for reading my review 🙂

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