New Features

I think it’s time I got a few features on my blog.

1) Box Office Predictions: Websites like have estimated box office forecasts of the upcoming weekend, but I certainly won’t be as accurate as them. I’m just going to guesstimate, often based on box office scores of films like the one being released, or other projects of the cast and director or something. Sometimes I’ll be way off, sometimes I’ll be close, and sometimes I may be nearly spot on (I guess it’ll depend on how strong my shine is that day, I guess…*). You can expect my article of my estimations to be posted on Wednesday at 12:16 P.M. EST. And then on Sunday (at 12:16 P.M. EST) with the Box Office results of the new releases, and how far or how close I was to the actual results.

*The Shining reference, so like psychic abilities (in case someone didn’t catch the reference).

2) Celebrity Birthdays: I used to do celebrity birthdays on my blog, so I think it’s time I brought that back, but in a different way. I’ll post this feature on Saturday at 12:16 P.M. EST. I’ll recap the week (so Monday to Sunday) of whose birthdays it was in the celebrity world, all in one easy post. But I’ll do my favourite actors or those actors who aren’t necessarily my favourite, but I enjoy their work. I’ll highlight their finest films and the ones they’re known for, and I’ll rank the films of theirs I’ve seen from my favourite to least favourite. I’ll also want to know what your favourite film of theirs is, to make this feature more interactive. I’ll post this feature on Saturday at 12:16 P.M. EST.

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