“Black as Night” Interviews: with Director Maritte Lee Go, Writer Sherman Payne, Actress Abbie Gayle | The Filmcraziest Show

Featured image: Asjha Cooper, Fabrizio Guido and Mason Beauchamp star in Black as Night. (Photo by Alan Markfield © 2021 Amazon Content Services LLC.)

In Black as Night, we’re treated to the history of New Orleans in a story about a young woman named Shawna (Asjha Cooper), who spends one of her summers fighting vampires in New Orleans, who are specifically preying on the disenfranchised people of a low-income area called the Ombreux.

One of the most fascinating aspects about this film is that the film incorporates the vampire history of New Orleans, and the history of the city is something you’ll see in New Orleans set horror films. However, Sherman Payne’s script takes it to another level, bringing in aspects of Hurricane Katrina and people losing their homes, helping with the emotional core of the film.

For Black as Night, I was able to have three conversations about the film – with actress Abbie Gayle, director Maritte Lee Go and screenwriter Sherman Payne – and you can find those below.

I was able to speak with Abbie Gayle, who plays the supporting character of Grania and the film’s vampire expert, we talk about working on the film and how she’s a local Louisiana actress, if she shares the same love for vampires as her character, her favourite vampire films, working with Keith David, and more. Find that conversation below: 

As well, I was also able to speak with the film’s director, Maritte Lee Go, about making her dream come true working with Blumhouse, pitching as a director instead of as a writer, New Orleans and them being able to incorporate a Black Lives Matter aspect into the film, casting the film, an animated sequence in the film and being inspired by Kill Bill, showing the deaths of vampires in a film and more. Find that conversation below:

With screenwriter Sherman Payne, we talk about the origins of the script, making a different kind-of vampire film and honouring the Black women in his life, colourism and the “Paper Bag” test, incorporating the history of New Orleans, his favourite scene to write and more. Find below: 

As well, you can find these conversations in podcast version below if you prefer to listen that way, where you can download the podcast below or simply listen below, too.

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