“Between Waves” Interview | Writer, director Virginia Abramovich | The Filmcraziest Show

Featured image: Luke Robinson and Fiona Graham in Between Waves. (Courtesy of Between Waves.)

Exploring themes of loss and grief through a science-fiction story in Between Waves, Fiona Graham plays photographer Jamie who finds herself at the centre of a missing persons investigation when her boyfriend Isaac (Luke Robinson) disappears.

As she’s dealing with potentially losing her boyfriend, she still sees him everywhere; and then she literally sees him everywhere. Isaac comes to her and reports that his research has worked: He’s thought of a way to open a parallel dimension, using the conduit of water. This sets Jamie on a journey, through Toronto and into the Azores, trying to reunite with Isaac.

For my podcast The Filmcraziest Show, I was able to speak with the film’s director and writer Virginia Abramovich where we talked about being drawn into the story, the research and figuring out the rules, the casting in the film, shooting in the Azores, shooting the underwater scene, the transitions in the writing and much more in between.

You can find the conversation directly above on YouTube, or listen to it below and download it right here. As well, you can find the rent the film on platforms like the Cineplex Store or on Apple TV.

Podcast music courtesy of bensound.com.

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