“Glasshouse” Fantasia Interview | Director, Co-Writer Kelsey Egan | The Filmcraziest Show

Featured image: Jessica Alexander as Bee in Glasshouse. (Courtesy of Fantasia.)

At this past Fantasia Film Festival at the end of August, I was able to watch Kelsey Egan’s Glasshousea unique sci-fi drama thriller about a family isolated in a glasshouse in the middle of the woods, sheltered away from a toxin outside that erases memory. When a stranger comes across their property, the eldest daughter Bee (Jessica Alexander) let’s him in, which goes against their rules and rituals, and threatens their family unit. 

You can find my review of the film hereI was also able to speak with Kelsey about her film, which she co-wrote with Emma Lungiswa De Wet. You can find my conversation with Kelsey directly below as we spoke for my podcast The Filmcraziest Show.

We talk about filming at the Pearson Conservatory in South Africa and the history shooting there, a bit about the cinematography and the lighting, the research behind the Shred toxin and thinking of this concept before the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the casting. There’s some more in between, too. 

You can watch the conversation above on YouTube, or listen to it below or download it here. The next festival date for the film isn’t currently known, but I will update this post once that is known. 

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