“The Mire” Crowdfunding Interview | Director Adam Nelson, Screenwriter Chris Watt, Producer Tom Byrne | The Filmcraziest Show

Up until this point for my podcast, I’ve watched every film or TV series that I’ve covered. For this episode, we talked about a film that hasn’t been created yet with a project called The Mire, described as a contained thriller which explores the darkest sides of manipulation set in Portsmouth, in the U.K.

I spoke with the upcoming film’s director Adam Nelson, the film’s screenwriter Chris Watt and the film’s producer Tom Byrne, as they are currently trying to crowdfund the last bit that they need to be able to start filming in October 2021. In the podcast, we also talk about one of Adam and Tom’s other projects, a segment called Toilet Humor in the anthology film I Am An Addict.

Then, we talk about The Mire where we touch on how the project came together, the research that went into the film, the casting process, filming in Portsmouth, as well as some of the scenes they’re excited about filming. Of course, we also talk about some of the perks in the crowdfunding as the project looks to get off the ground.

Our conversation can be seen directly above on YouTube, or downloaded below if you’d just like to listen (at the link here). As well, you can find more information about the crowdfunding campaign for The Mire right here, which is being hosted on Greenlit.com.

Just to note, too, the campaign runs through September 14, 2021. It’s a Portsmouth based project being produced by Adam’s Apple Park Films, and by Tom’s Familiar Stranger Films. If you can support it in any way, it would be very helpful to them seeing their project off the ground, and hopefully this interview inspires you to do so! 

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