“Levi: Becoming Himself” Interview | Levi Nahirney, Shannon Kaplun | The Filmcraziest Show

Featured image: Levi and Kailyn Nahirney for the documentary Levi: Becoming Himself. (Photo credit: Mina Lumena.)

One’s own identity is such a tricky thing to figure out. That’s just one of the many aspects of the new CBC documentary Levi: Becoming Himself, about Levi Nahirney, a 19-year-old trans man where we follow his journey of finding his identity. After being adopted from Vietnam alongside his twin sister Kailyn, we see them grow up in Vancouver.

Using some old interviews and a lot of TikTok’s tracking Levi’s story, these are some of the aspects that help tell the story through the 44-minute documentary, as well as interviews from Levi and his family today. The documentary is great as we get to know Levi and his family, and some of the struggles he’s gone through as he’s helped other kids like him, as well. It was great seeing the support systems in place for Levi that others going through a similar experience may not necessarily have.

Levi: Becoming Himself is the fourth episode of the 21st season of the national weekly one-hour series Absolutely Canadian. The documentary was added to the CBC streaming service CBC Gem today, July 16, and then premieres on Saturday, July 17 on CBC TV at 7 p.m. local time in British Columbia and Alberta.

I was able to chat with Levi Nahirney himself about his film, as well as the documentary’s director Shannon Kaplun. We talked about what got the documentary started and how Shannon got on board. We also talked about some of Levi’s public speaking, the TikTok’s in the film, his support system, as well as what he hopes people take from the documentary, and looking forward to people watching it. We chat about more in between, too.

You can watch the conversation on YouTube above, listen to the episode below or go here to download it. As well, here’s a link to the film’s page on the streaming service CBC Gem.

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