“Chained” Interview | Actors Aleks Paunovic, Marlon Kazadi | The Filmcraziest Show

Featured image: Marlon Kazadi as Taylor and Aleks Paunovic as Jim in Chained. (Courtesy of Nicola Pender PR.)

Chained is the story of an abused boy, Taylor (played by Marlon Kazadi). Taylor finds a criminal, Jim (Aleks Paunovic), chained up beside a dead body in an abandoned warehouse. No one knows Jim is there other than Taylor, so Taylor decides to keep Jim there and just… observe him. When their trust is broken, it creates a standoffish dynamic that is compelling to watch.

The way this drama plays with the aspect of abuse and control is fascinating. First, the cycle of abuse and cycle of violence is an interesting theme presented here. Second, the aspect of control with Jim is great. Before Jim, the only thing that Taylor could control is his love of plants and taking care of them. He sees Jim as another thing that he can rule over; something that is his.

On this episode of my podcast The Filmcraziest Show, I was joined by the two stars of Chained, as Marlon Kazadi and Aleks Paunovic came on to chat about the film, which was directed by Titus Heckel. In the conversation, the pair talk about what it was like working together, some acting secrets, Marlon’s character and his thoughts on how it parallels to Walter White on Breaking Bad and being a young actor and being the lead of a film. We also talk about the chains in the film, how to say caramel, and some stories from the set and coming together as a community to make the film.

You can watch the episode directly below on YouTube, or you can listen to the conversation directly below or go here to download it. As well, if you’re interested in watching the film, it was released on June 15 on digital formats in Canada, and can be watched on platforms like YouTube, Apple TV and Google Play.

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