Interview: Director Scott Gawlik and table setter Tim Wyckoff for their table-setting documentary, “Set!” (The Filmcraziest Show @ Hot Docs)

Set! is a documentary about something that only frequent state fair goers may have heard of, and that’s the world of competitive table setting (or table scaping). It’s not a race to set the dinner table; but a decorative art (with all the competition of sports) where table setters compete for beautiful ribbons. The film is a fascinating, hilarious and heartwarming dive into this world as we learn about the characters getting ready for the 2018 Orange County Fair and learn what tables they’ll be creating.

For my last interview out of the Hot Docs Film Festival, I was able to chat with writer, director, producer and editor Scott Gawlik of the film, as well as one of the film’s documentary subjects, Tim Wyckoff (pictured above), a subject who helps give the film integral layers.

Scott Gawlik, writer, director, producer and editor of Set! (Courtesy of GAT PR.)

In the episode, we chat about Tim setting the table competitively since the age of 16, the intimidation factor of round tables, the prep of the season just gearing up for the fair, Tim’s first reactions to watching the documentary and him chatting about what he was going through while making the film and overcoming that with the help of table setting and Oh The Places You’ll Go!, as well as some of the editing in the film, bonding with other contestants, being a lite and fun documentary in a dark time, and red barns and hay.

It’s a super fun conversation and you can listen to it below (or download it here), and watch the YouTube video below, as well. The film is currently having its World Premiere at the Hot Docs Film Festival in Canada through Sunday, May 9 (the film page and tickets are here). To keep up to date on other news about the film as it comes, tune into their website.

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