Interview: Theo Rhys and Joss Holden-Rea on their award-winning short film “Stuffed” (The Filmcraziest Show)

On this episode of The Filmcraziest Show, I was able to talk with the filmmakers – director and co-writer Theo Rhys and co-writer and composer Joss Holden-Rea – behind the short film Stuffed, a musical about a taxidermist who dreams of stuffing a human, and she thinks she may have finally found her muse. The U.K. film premiered last month at the SXSW film festival and won the Special Jury Recognition award for Bold Vision at the festival. I was able to chat with them after the festival about their film.

We had a conversation that covered everything from inspirations like a German cannibal, the taxidermy and how, in a dark way, this film is about legacy, and we chat about where they got the taxidermized creatures. We also chat the house they filmed in and especially the music and some of Holden-Rea’s musical influences. We also talk about the casting (Alison Fitzjohn and Anthony Young comprise the cast) and how that was a bit of a challenge. There’s much more in the conversation and you can listen to the episode below or download here.

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