The Filmcraziest Show – Robert Cuffley, Susie Moloney, Colin Sheldon, “Bright Hill Road” (Podcast Interview)

For this episode of The Filmcraziest Show, I talked with some of the team behind the Canadian horror film Bright Hill Road, including the film’s director Robert Cuffley, screenwriter Susie Moloney and one of the film’s producers, Colin Sheldon.

The film stars Siobhan Williams as Marcy (pictured in the featured image), an HR representative and alcoholic who is put on leave after a workplace shooting. She hits the road to see her sister in California, and on the way stops at the Bright Hill Road Boarding House, where she’s forced to confront her past decisions. It’s directed by Cuffley, written by Moloney, and also stars Michael Eklund and Agam Darshi as Mrs. Inman. Bright Hill Road premiered at the Calgary International Film Festival in 2020, but is now available On Demand wherever you get your films (some options here).

During the conversation, we chat about the location scouting and the decision to set this in a boarding house instead of a hotel; terrible hotel experiences; deciding how to depict the workplace shooting seen in the film; the addiction of the film and how that’s a huge part of it; the production design; hotel gift baskets and reflections; and more in between.

You can go here to download the episode, or you can listen below or watch below on YouTube! 

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