The Filmcraziest Show – Nicholas Santos, Charles Gould, Quinn Jackson, “It Cuts Deep”

I’m back! For this episode of The Filmcraziest Show, I was joined by writer/director Nicholas Santos, actor and comedian Charles Gould, and actress Quinn Jackson to chat about their new film It Cuts Deep, which released on November 13.

The plot: While on Christmas vacation, young couple Sam (Charles Gould) and Ashley (Quinn Jackson) contemplate their future together. She’s interested in getting married and having kids, but that terrifies Sam. Sam’s life spirals out of control when an old friend named Nolan (John Anderson) emerges.

For this episode, I figure I’ll put a “coarse language” warning here for any younger listeners, with a lot of dick joke and other discussions.

On the episode, we talk about fear of children and fear of commitment; grad school and auditions; why the film was set at Christmas; what it was like filming in 10 degrees Fahrenheit in Massachusetts; the comedy and horror in the script; best birthdays and worst birthdays; marriage proposals; and some of Charles Gould’s stand-up experiences where one set goes wrong and another set goes very wrong. For spoilers, there’s a bit of a vague spoiler warning from 14:25-17:10.

You can listen to the episode below or download it here.

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