Filmcraziest Interviews: Damien LeVeck for his film The Cleansing Hour

For this interview, I chatted over Zoom with filmmaker Damien LeVeck, the director, writer and editor of the new Shudder original film The Cleansing Hour.

The film is about a celebrity priest, Father Max (Ryan Guzman) and his producer Drew (Kyle Gallner), who put on a weekly web show that broadcasts exorcisms live over the Internet. These exorcisms are fake; but on this week’s episode, retribution comes on this episode of The Cleansing Hour, as they learn the exorcism is very real and must figure out a way to survive the hour.

The film also stars Alix Angelis, Chris Lew Kum Hoi, Daniel Hoffmann-Gill and Emma Holzer. It’s also co-written by Aaron Horwitz, who has a “story by” credit, as well.

Damien LeVeck
Damien LeVeck. (Courtesy of his Twitter.)

Just a note about the interview: There’s a brief spoiler discussion from 20:55-25:20 in the podcast, so if you want to avoid the heavy spoilers, skip ahead past this part, as this is the only part of the discussion where the spoilers are “heavy.”

We generally talk about what went into the making of the film like using the livestream camera, where the idea of the film came from, how it deals with social media and some of the dark humour from the demon. There’s a lot more, too, and you can listen to the episode below or download it here.

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