Filmcraziest Interviews: Directors Adam Leader and Richard Oakes, and stars Neal Ward and Samantha Loxley on their new film HOSTS

I’m back with another interview and this time it’s for the newest Dark Sky Films release Hosts. I was joined by director and screenwriter Adam Leader; Richard Oakes, who directed, has a story by credit, edited and is the director of photography; as well as two stars of the film, Samantha Loxley as Lucy and Neal Ward as Jack (they are both pictured in the featured image).

The story is about a family who invite a nice couple, Jack (Ward) and Lucy (Loxley), over for Christmas dinner. Instead of a festive evening, however, they are tormented by the couple as Jack and Lucy aren’t exactly Jack and Lucy anymore in a film that is part possession, and part home invasion.

In the interview, we discuss the big scene in the film (we try to dance around those spoilers), what it was like cleaning up some of the blood, as well as the performances and what it was like making the film. There’s a lot more. Also, for the record, I do think Die Hard is a Christmas film, and this could open up that same conversation.

I love all the interviews I do, but this is a fun one with a lot of laughs. You can listen to it below or go here to download it. Also, Adam plugs his socials at the end of the episode so here’s a link to the film’s merch.

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