Filmcraziest Interviews (And Review) – Joanna Tsanis for Imagine a World

On this episode of Filmcraziest Interviews, I am joined by first-time director Joanna Tsanis for her short film Imagine a World, about a persistent salesman who refuses to leave a home until he makes a sale. The film premiered at Toronto After Dark Festival last year and is currently playing at the Fantasia Film Festival and it’s paired with Anything for Jackson, which will be premiering tonight.

On the episode we chat about some bad sales experiences, the make-up in the film and the film’s festival run, as well as other things. Just a note, there’s a spoiler warning throughout the episode, but the only major spoiler warning will be for the following time stamps of 6:30-7:00 and 11:00-11:20 in the audio, so if you don’t want the end spoiled, skip past those parts. If not, you’ve been warned!

The interview’s below and you can download the audio here. Below, you’ll find a short review of the film, as well.

Imagine a World 2
Tevin Wolfe and Gina O. James in Imagine a World. (Photo courtesy of Fantasia Film Festival.)

Directed by: Joanna Tsanis. Starring: Gina O. James, Robert Notman, Tevin Wolfe. Runtime: 13 min. Released: October 20, 2019 at Toronto After Dark Festival, but this film is at Fantasia Film Festival premiering tonight, Sept. 1.

In Joanna Tsanis’ Imagine a World, technology clashes with politeness as an Internet salesman finds his way into a home and refuses to leave until he’s made his sale. The Salesman (Robert Notman) is a real treat here; his monotone delivery is perfect and it adds to his creepiness.

It turns into a fun twist on the home invasion genre as he refuses to leave and attempts different sales tactics to get them to buy, and the premise really taps into the idea that door-to-door salesmen can make you feel trapped in your own home.

The 13-minute film really hits its stride in the last five minutes when it dials up the horror and there’s another layer added to Notman’s performance. A neat Canadian horror short about the advancement of technology and finding that perfect Internet or phone package.

Score: 75/100

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