Filmcraziest Interviews – Padraig Reynolds for OPEN 24 HOURS and DARK LIGHT

For this episode, I was able to interview writer/director Padraig Reynolds (pictured on the far left in the featured image) about his upcoming horror film Open 24 Hours (which will be released on August 18 in all formats and on demand) and his 2019 creature feature Dark Light. We talk about the inspiration behind his films – like how he thought of the name the Rain Ripper for his serial killer in Open 24 Hours – as well as a lot of other things, like the creature design in Dark Light.

Just a note, the audio is spotty at times because of connection issues, so if there’s ever a point where Padraig’s audio is lagging, it’s understandable within a couple seconds. Some parts of his answers are missing because of the connection, but the gist is there. Also, we tried to avoid spoilers so there aren’t so many for Open  24 Hours but I think we got into spoiler territory a bit more for Dark Light, so be warned!

For the reviews, the review for Open 24 Hours can be found here and the review for Dark Light can be found here.

I will be posting reviews of both films in a couple days, as well. As for the podcast, you can listen below and download here:

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