The DCOM Team – Episode 4: TRU CONFESSIONS (2002)

Hey all, here’s another episode of The DCOM Team, a podcast hosted by myself and my friend Bobby where we discuss Disney Channel Original Movies. This episode is the second part of the episode we did celebrating Shia LaBeouf’s birthday, as we covered The Even Stevens Movie on the first half (which can be found here), and now it’s time for Tru Confessions. It’s taken me a bit longer than I hoped to get this up, but here it is (finally).

This episode does come with a spoiler warning as we discuss everything from the performances to the story and how certain characters are portrayed, and how some don’t fit into the narrative as well as others. Since this is one of the few more serious Disney Channel Original Movies, some of the discussion gets serious, too!

Tru ConfessionsA few more notes. As you can see by the featured image of the article, for our fourth episode we are unveiling a logo for the podcast so big shout-out to my friend Harrison. The next episode I’ll be posting will be a discussion of Kim Possible: So the Drama and the 2019 live-action remake, Kim Possible. That episode was recorded before the Shia LaBeouf episode, so if you hear Kim Possible referenced in this episode, that’s why. Also, if you listen to the podcast and have any feedback, feel free to comment below or e-mail at As always, you can download the podcast here.

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