Captain America: The Winter Soldier box office prediction

box office (1)This weekend’s major new release is Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the third film in Marvel’s second phase of films. I’ve liked both films of Phase Two so far, I thought Iron Man 3 was the most enjoyable of the series, and I liked Thor: The Dark World about the same as 2011’s Thor. These films have received a well-deserved boost from 2012’s insanely successful “The Avengers,” as the first Thor film grossed $65.7 million in its opening and its sequel earned $85.7 million. I have roughly the same expectations for this film, and I think it might even go a bit higher. The trailers have made me have slightly higher expectations for this film than I did with the second Thor movie. Which is to say I’m really just expecting a decently entertaining movie, and perhaps a stronger film than Captain America: The First Avenger. (Perhaps I should re-watch that.) Similar films open at $74.6 million. I’m predicting that this will make $87 million in its opening weekend.

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