Product review: Samsung 32″ Class LED Smart HDTV

S222-3253-CA_chiclet01_ac_mn_7847210This is my first product review, so I hope I get my thoughts across as well as I can. This is a review of a Samsung 32″ Class LED Smart HDTV, which I got the other month on this cool site called Argos. Oh, and the direct link to their TVs page is this. It looks like they have some good deals on there. I got mine on sale for a decent price, and the TV has a lot of functions so it’s pretty awesome, and I’ve got my money’s worth. Apparently it can have two devices plugged in at the back, so that’s pretty cool.

It hasn’t given me a lot of trouble, but the only complaints I have is that the Smart Hub function is arbitrary on when it works or not. And it’s been making me do constant updates. Though, when it does work, the apps that come with it are awesome. I haven’t dabbled too much with that yet, but I’m looking forward to doing so. I only noticed it the other day. It’s kinda awesome how you can browse the internet while you watch TV. I mean, I’m usually on the computer anyway, but it’s fun to know that it has that capability. I want to try out the capability where one can plug in a jump drive and watch a video off of the jump drive. If I just download a movie off the computer I can watch the film on the TV, so that sounds great. This TV has a lot more capability than regular TVs it seems, but a technologically challenged person can still easily use this – it’s not the biggest challenge to plug in. I can also access Netflix without plugging in my Blu-Ray player so that’s cool; and I can watch YouTube videos on it, which I think is a great feature, as well. If there’s nothing good on TV, I can just go on YouTube, and I think I’ll watch more videos that way. With a regular TV, I’m sure I would have discovered all of its capabilities by now, but it seems like I’m finding something new each day.

The gaming experience on it is awesome, it seems like the noises are a bit more hollow if that makes sense. I mean, I was playing “GTA 5” the other day for the first time on it and the gun shots sounded a bit more of a thud, and the car crashes sounded different, too. It’s a cooler experience on a smart TV, though, I really like the compact screen – and the image looks much nicer. It at least is nicer when I got the brightness just right, it’s best on natural lighting, I find. Movie’s pretty good, but standard is way too dark. It’s good to dabble with the settings to find the right picture, and it’s a good image when it’s just right. One thing I’m impressed by is how the sound is. I can hear my TV quite well with the volume at 20/100, at least when I’m watching a movie; and the volume’s good at mid-30s when I’m watching regular television. It’s a good experience overall. I just hope I never lose my controller, because it doesn’t seem like there are any manual controls on the television. So, I’m screwed if I lose it. The joke would be on me, then, I guess. One more thought: The TV’s actually lighter than a regular TV, which is great for when I have to move it around.

If I had to give it a score, I’d give this a out of 5.

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