February 14-18 Box Office Predictions

On this long weekend, for new films are being released. The remake of a 1987 action classic “RoboCop” (released on Wednesday); “Endless Love” a romance flick starring Alex Pettyfer and Gabriella Wilde; “Winter’s Tale” starring Colin Farrell;” and another 80s remake with Kevin Hart, “About Last Night.”

The original “RoboCop” has a big fanbase as a cult classic, because it’s so gory and awesome. The remake looks like it could be good, but my hopes aren’t that high for it, because sometimes remakes aren’t so great. People love their robots, and the similar movies opening average is an ode to that, standing at $40.88 million. It seems to me that “RoboCop” will do numbers around Real Steel’s $27.3 million opening. My prediction for this film is $28 million for the four-day weekend.

Alex Pettyfer and Gabriella Wilde seem like a good enough fit as a couple for this weekend’s “Endless Love.” It seems like a traditional romance flick, so I’m a bit more excited for the romantic fantasy movie “Winter’s Tale” and the comedy “About Last Night” because of Kevin Hart. Anyway, similar films open at an average $14.77 million. This looks like it could have a similar opening to last year’s “Safe Haven,” so I’m predicting the four-day weekend at a bit less at $19.5 million.

“Winter’s Tale” intrigues me. It stars Colin Farrell, Jennifer Connelly and Russell Crowe. Similar movies open at $11.28 million. The director is Akiva Goldsman in his directorial debut on the big screen, but he’s written “A Beautiful Mind” (winning an Oscar for his screenplay) and “Cinderella Man,” so hopefully he brings his A-game to the screenplay since he has such an impressive resumé. My prediction is $18 million for the four-day weekend, because the buzz hasn’t been very large.

The last new release is “About Last Night” starring Kevin Hart, who broke records in January with a huge opening from “Ride Along.” This movie also stars “Scary Movie” vet Regina Hall. Similar films open at $19.6 million. I think this will do well this weekend because it’s been marketed well and it has a bankable star, so a second place opening behind The LEGO Movie‘s holdover seems likely. I’m predicting this at $32 million for the four-day weekend.

Which new films are you seeing this weekend? Are you like me and going to see “The LEGO Movie” because you missed it last weekend? Share your opinions in the comments! And happy Valentine’s Day to all!

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