Box Office Predictions: October 11-13

“Machete Kills” is the new sequel from Robert Rodriguez. Movies similar to this open at $10.57 million. The first movie opened to $11.416 million and made $26.593 in its lifetime gross. The film’s IMDb score is 6.7 from 128, 066 users, which is decent. My prediction for this is $10.7 million.

Movies similar to “Captain Phillips” open at $17.15 million. It looks like a really good Oscar contender, and the first movie of the year that could get Tom Hanks an Oscar nomination for Lead Actor. It seems as if this could do somewhere in the $20 millions. I don’t think it will do quite the same lifetime gross as “Cast Away” ($233 million), but I think it could do near its $28.8 million opening weekend, so my prediction is $25.3 million. Hopefully “Gravity” doesn’t get in its way of complete glory.

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