Box Office Predictions: September 13-15

“Insidious” has a good reputation, and add in the fact that its sequel is opening on Friday the 13th, as well as the fact that horror films have performed very well this year, I think “Insidious Chapter 2” is poised to do easily double what the original did back in April 2011. The original opened to $13.2 million and went on to gross $54 million domestically. Movies similar to this open at $18.15 million. Twitter and Facebook tracking states that “Insidious Chapter 2” is a juggernaut on Twitter, out-pacing “The Purge” and even James Wan’s July horror hit, “The Conjuring.” “Purge” did $34 million and “The Conjuring” mustered a phenomenal $41.8 million, and is still going strong. This will do well this weekend, but I’m not confident enough to go as high as “The Purge,” so I’ll go close and say $31.8 million for the weekend.

I think “The Family” looks like fun. I’m not sure if there’s enough appeal outside of the older generation, though. It looks like a strong mafia story. Movies similar to this open at $15.6 million, but I think this will only muster a $11.6 million opening.

Here’s how I see the Top 10:
1. “Insidious Chapter 2”: $31.8 million
2. “Riddick”: $12.3 million
3. “The Family”: $11.6 million
4. “Instructions Not Included”: $7.5 million
5. “We’re the Millers”: $6.7 million
6. “Lee Daniels’ The Butler”: $5.9 million
7. “Planes”: $3.5 million
8. “Elysium” $2.1 million
9. “One Direction: This is Us”: $2 million
10. “Blue Jasmine”: $1.86 million

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