Click (2006)

ClickReleased: June 29, 2006. Director: Frank Coraci. Starring: Adam Sandler, Kate Beckinsale, Christopher Walken. Runtime: 107 min.

Finding a post-2000 Adam Sandler feature that isn’t middling is a rarity. That’s why “Click” is an emotionally engaging breath of fresh air.

The story follows Michael Newman (Adam Sandler), a workaholic architect who is so busy with work he can’t even find the time to finish the treehouse in the backyard. You see, he’s in line for a promotion from his boss, a character that doesn’t pass the Name Test, but is played by David Hasselhoff. Michael wants things in his life to be easier, and out-do his neighbours the O’Doyle’s in the process. What he gets to fix his problems will certainly put the O’Doyles to shame; after a late night drive in search of a universal remote, he lands at Bed, Bath and Beyond where Morty (Christopher Walken) gives him an extremely advanced universal remote. The remote enables Michael to fast-forward, skip scenes, fast-forward, pause, etc., his life; everything an ordinary remote can do. He can skip through the most boring parts of his life (I’d use it for the dentist), and initially the remote makes his life easier, but then it begins to overpower his decisions and affect his relationships with others.

The premise is a decent one, and its execution does it justice, for the most part. The film is only plagued by gimmicks and clichés that have been existent since the beginning of time. But it’s a funny film and a good time helped out by likable characters. There’s a lot of laughs and heart at play. The life lessons Michael learns (family, dedication) are important. This is one of the only Sandler comedies that can make me cry every time. The story is helped out by the attractive cast, especially a scene-stealing Christopher Walken. This is the type of movie that makes you want to go home, hug your family, make better choices and be thankful for your life. That’s profound for an Adam Sandler film, I’d say.

Score: 75/100

2 thoughts on “Click (2006)

  1. I have mixed feelings on this film, Dan. I really liked it actually, but thought it was kind of depressing and kept torturing Sandler’s character for too long after he learned his lesson. Definitely one of the most unique of Sandler’s movies, though.

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