The Hangover Part III (2013)

The Hangover 3

Release Date: May 23, 2013

Director: Todd Phillips

Stars: Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis

Runtime: 100 min

Zach Galifianakis, Bradley Cooper and Ed Helms star in an original tale of bad decisions and mayhem. The movie I’m talking about is 2009’s The Hangover. The first sequel has a severe case of sequelitis (exact same thing as the first). We now arrive at The Hangover Part III, a movie that suffers from a far more common and simple occurrence: bad movie syndrome.

The movie opens at the prison where Mr. Chow (Ken Jeong) is now escaping, under the cover of a prison riot. He crawls in the sewer, but comes out clean on the other side. It then changes tone to follow the wolfpack. After the death of Alan’s father, the wolfpack take Alan (Zach Galifianakis) to a mental hospital to get his problems sorted out. On the way there, they are assaulted and Doug is kidnapped (again). They must find Leslie Chow and bring him to Marshall, Doug’s kidnapper, in order to save Doug.

This isn’t able to cut ties to the original or the first sequel. The plot afoot, where Marshall (John Goodman) kidnaps Doug (Justin Bartha), in consequence to what Chow did in the first. They go to Las Vegas, again. There’s a trade-off in the desert, again. The filmmakers don’t keep some of the best components: Stu singing a song, Mike Tyson, good comedy, and worst of all, a hangover. These guys are never drunk during the movie! Frankly, these sober guys aren’t so fun to watch. Todd Phillips is so terrified of making the same movie three times; he changes the overall tone. Viewers who are expecting to cry from laughter will be sorely disappointed. It has some funny scenes, because you might laugh at Alan being his idiotic self; but most of the content is so dark, it can’t be considered funny.

Doug (Justin Bartha) has always been a secondary presence, since this Princess Peach-esque character is kidnapped so much. Black Doug (Mike Epps), honorary wolfpack member, has always been the better Doug. He is a star of one of the only hilarious scenes in the entire movie. The other humour suddenly becomes tired because we’ve seen it in the trailers already. One joke that becomes exhausting is when Alan pretends to give someone a high five, but it’s a sike-out and he grooms his hair instead. It’s a little funny the first time; and since it’s not so funny the second time, it sure as hell won’t be funny the third freaking time. Stu (Ed Helms) is relied on to make gagging noises at disgusting parts. The only characters that have should-be funny dialogue are Alan (of course), Chow and Black Doug.

The problem is, both Alan and Chow become more and more irritating as the movie progresses. Alan is more moronic than ever, and Chow is more sociopathic than ever. The hilarious content is limited. The fact that thinking of a truly funny scene in a comedy movie, especially one of The Hangover franchise, is a huge issue. This one is memorable for all the wrong reasons. The first produces a laugh-a-minute, almost, but here you’ll be lucky to laugh every ten. This is truly the most bizarre out of the three; and the plotting is ludicrous, even if if there is an evident plot.

The humour is mean-spirited and, often enough, downright despicable. These sociopathic and passive-aggressive characters only seem to care about retrieving Doug. Alan, an overweight toddler with an awesome beard, has a bit of a heart because he begins to realize his actions have a very negative outcome, and he tries to fix it. Phil is still the calm and collected one, but he’s generally unfunny, here. This will be remembered as that one movie that broke Bradley Cooper’s hot streak.

Do you want to know some really despicable and enfuriating humour at play here? (I’ll tell you anyway.) In the trailer, Alan’s car goes under a low bridge, but the giraffe doesn’t. Todd Phillips shows the giraffe’s severed head crashing into a windshield. At a later moment, Phil says, “I think it’s kinda funny. It’s a giraffe, who the f*ck cares?” Of course this is all for shock, but Phillips is definitely receiving angry calls from PETA this weekend.

This has a few forgettable laughs, but its dark tone makes this memorable for the wrong reason. This really should be excellent, because the trailers make this look promising. Optimistic fans of the franchise will not find a bigger disappointment this summer season. If you are disappointed, don’t make the same mistake I did by walking out of the theatre right when the end credits start to roll. Apparently, there’s a hilarious scene part-way through the credits. This movie is like a cruel, sad little man with a cold, sociopathic heart. The filmmakers give making a good movie the old college try; but giving something ‘the old college try’ shouldn’t mean it will feel like it’s written by mentally disturbed college students.


11 thoughts on “The Hangover Part III (2013)

  1. Wow, you did hate on it, huh?

    I agree that this change in plot and tone was ill advised, definitely. And there wasnt anything really memorably funny at all. Its worst crime is being kind of dull though. I definitely didnt find the humor mean spirited, at least not any more than the first couple of these movies… I wasnt put off by the giraffe thing or anything else really. 😦

    1. I don’t know why, but I was excited for it 😦 Big mistake on my part! There’s a difference between a movie like Scary Movie 5 or Movie 43, because I wasn’t expecting anything from those, but I thought this mighta been a little good!

      In the trailer, that giraffe thing was funny, but I was kind-of baffled that they showed the head crashing into the wind shield… Giraffes are awesome! I felt the need to comment on how mean-spirited the humour was because, while there was that type of humour in the first two, the spirit of it just wasn’t so funny this time around. 😦

      Thanks for the comment, Fogs!

  2. I loved the first movie, thought the second was okay and kept talking my self out of seeing the third. After reading your review, I see that I have been making the right choice.

  3. Good review, Dan, but you know I gotta say something, haha. This is my second favorite in the series- I hate – HATE HATE the second movie. It was the same thing. They literally didn’t even try to make the second movie anything else. I have no issue at all with them not having a hangover in this one, by removing that element, they were able to add a new one and make it feel like a new movie while still respectfully a part of the same series. People watch these movies for the characters, not the hangover. There was still a mystery with the same guys going through clues. I will say it’s not as funny, but I don’t think the second one is funny…at all. I gave this a 77

    1. Yeah, I guess the direction it goes in just doesn’t work for me at all. I sorta loathe it, unfortunately 😦 I could see why wouldn’t like the second one; I enjoy it on some levels, but I wouldn’t exactly defend it lol. I really just thought it was unfunny mess :s If I could change the score after seeing the post-credits scene (I walked out of the theatre too early), I’d probably bump it up to a 30. Still a big disappointment for me. I like Todd Phillips’ movies a lot. Well, not this one, lol. I’ll read your review of this and The Purge later today 🙂

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