Arthur Christmas (2011)

Arthur ChristmasReleased: November 23, 2011Directors: Sarah Smith, Barry CookStars: James McAvoy, Hugh Laurie, Bill NighyRuntime: 97 min.

The plot of Arthur Christmas is effectively simplistic. On Christmas night at the North Pole, Santa’s youngest son looks to use his father’s high-tech operation for an urgent mission.

Arthur has a certain tenderness and he truly cares about the kids of the world; and he can’t comprehend why his fellow Claus family members don’t feel the same way. The plot flows well, but it is rather predictable, as should be expected. Kids will enjoy this funny movie, and there’s enough to love for older people. I truly adore this movie’s imagination. Each character has their own ambitions, and it’s all expressed with lots of humour. This is a great atmosphere for the Christmas season; and it works all around the year, because it’s very funny. The humour is witty, intelligent and rarely bland. The plot might drag but there’s hardly a dull moment. The characters are likeable; and they all portray good stereotypes. They’re charismatic but you might not feel the need to root for all of them. The voice talents perform handsomely. They all fit the bill; and they help make this movie a lot of fun.

This feel-good feature is flat-out funny, and it makes me want to actually give some Aardman (Chicken Run) flicks a fair chance, even if I really dislike clay-mation.


2 thoughts on “Arthur Christmas (2011)

    1. Haha great!! I can see it being in a Christmas marathon of mine, too. I watched it back in February or March so I was thinking, hey… Why not… Definitely out of place though, lol!

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