April 5-7 Box Office Predictions: ‘Evil Dead’, ‘Jurassic Park 3D’

The new-new release this weekend is the highly anticipated horror remake Evil Dead; and the other is the 1993 hit, Jurassic Park, getting the 3D treatment.

Push the hell over Texas Chainsaw 3D. Push over Mama. Evil Dead is going to take over as the most critically acclaimed horror event of the year (because of that internet buzz) even if it might not be as big of a surprising financial hit Mama in regards of opening weekend numbers. The Evil Dead will be a great hit because it looks scary, it looks gory, and it seems to stay true to the original, and it actually looks like an amazing remake, and it especially helps to have Sam Raimi (director of The Evil Dead trilogy) and Bruce Campbell (the star of T.E.D. trilogy) on as co-producers, among others. Horror remakes, on average, generate $15 million of earnings on its opening weekend (Friday the 13th being number one, with $40.57 million), and films similar to Evil Dead open to $15.48 million (Friday the 13th also having the best opening). As a producer, Sam Raimi generates an average of $18.69 million; the young Jessica Lucas, an average $18.98 million opening (with four films). This would be in awesome shape if it opens between The Strangers‘ $20.99 million and the The Texas Chainsaw Massacre‘s [2003] $28.09 million (that seems to be the highest it might go), so I’m going to predict it at $28 million.

Family audiences might wish to indulge in the nostalgia and see some 3D dinosaurs, as well as anyone over 25. It faces the challenge of selling well because it’s already on Blu-Ray, and look at the bomb Monsters, Inc. (3D) was when it was re-released in 3D… I’d like to see Jurassic Park 3D, because I hardly remember the whole film, so it’s going to be a brand new experience for me! I think Jurassic Park 3D will make $16.5 million this weekend.

As for the holdovers, I predict G.I. Joe: Retaliation will drop to about $20 million, The Croods to $15.9 million, and Tyler Perry’s Temptation will drop to about $10 million (Tyler Perry might have nine $20 million openings, but none have gone on to gross over $100 million). Here’s how I see the rest of the top 10…

1. Evil Dead: $28, 000, 000
2. G.I. Joe: Retaliation: $20, 000, 000
3. Jurassic Park 3D: $16, 500, 000
4. The Croods: $15, 900, 000
5. Tyler Perry’s Tempation: $10, 000, 000
6. Olympus Has Fallen: $7, 000, 000
7. Oz the Great and Powerful: $6, 400, 000
8. The Host: $5, 200, 000
9. The Call: $2, 600, 000
10. Admission: $1, 675, 000

12 thoughts on “April 5-7 Box Office Predictions: ‘Evil Dead’, ‘Jurassic Park 3D’

    1. Hahah oh nooo, when does the U.K. get it?! 😦

      Haha, we’ll see what happens, Tim… We’ll see what happens… I think it might go closer to $30 since it made $1.8 on thursday’s 10 PM screenings while A Nightmare on Elm Street made $1.6 back in 2010 and went on to make $32.9 (or so) for the weekend… Really anything can happen though 🙂 I’ll post a small results post on Monday or Tuesday because I’ve really been busy and I haven’t had the time to do them 😦

      1. Crap 😦 I enjoyed it a lot, so I really hope you like it when you see it 😀

        I think I went too low with my JP3D prediction, but I think my ED one will be close-ish…

      2. They aren’t planning to bring it out to the U.K., yet? And hahah, looks like you predicted Evil Dead better than I! The estimate is $26, sometimes they estimate too low and the actual is higher 😀

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