Despicable Me (2010)

despicable meRelease Date:July 9, 2010Director:Pierre Coffin, Chris RenaudStars:Steve Carell, Jason Segel, Russell BrandRuntime:95 min.

Despicable Me is so cute, it almost hurts one’s face.
Gru (voiced by Steve Carell) is a super villain down-on-his-luck who has had failed scheme after failed scheme. After this new villain called Vector (Jason Segel) stole the pyramid, he is looked down upon compared to the shadow the little weird dude casts. Gru plans to pull the biggest heist ever comitted: steal the moon. To do this, he must first steal a shrink ray at a secret government facility. Soon enough, Vector gets in his way, and for Gru to steal it back, he must enroll the help of three orphan girls to help him. In the process, they teach him a love that he thought he could never experience.

Despicable Me offers a premise that is very predictable, but nonetheless very, very fun. It’s fun to see the villains of Gru and Vector duel against each other. With Vector’s weapons of mass destruction, he often has the advantage in their battles. I guess it doesn’t help when Gru has a Q like the old-as-Betty-White Dr. Nefario. Next time, he should make his own toys.

There’s enough humour here to make one’s face hurt for days. It’s very funny and charming for all ages. The Minions have started a trend for many animated films, as many want to copy the cuteness factor that was so greatly achieved here (films like The Lorax [even though this and that are the same studio] and Rise of the Guardians).

Gru’s voice is very fun to imitate. Sometimes the action sequences get a little tiring, but it’s a great animated feature to put on for comfort. The message of love is preachy, but it is nonetheless nice. The animation is really something nice to watch. Also, the Minions will make it worth your while.

I look forward to the sequel, but with Gru’s change of heart – I’m not sure how well the sequel will work. Whatever, I’d love another chance at seeing more of the Minions’ antics. Funny thing, could you imagine those guys as real henchmen? They’re that small because the studio couldn’t afford to make them any taller.


8 thoughts on “Despicable Me (2010)

  1. Ehh I had a very mediocre feeling with this movie. I thought it was sweet and nice, but a tad too kiddish for me. Then again, maybe that was the point. Good review bud.

    1. I love it a little too much, and I’m really anticipating the sequel. I think I’ve seen it about seven or eight times, and I’m not sure if I should be embarrassed about that considering I have no younger siblings…

    1. Me too, Tim, me too 😀 I’m interested to see what they’ll do with it, and I might be anticipating that sort-of prequel with just the minions a little more than the actual sequel… And I didn’t think that level of anticipation could even be possible 😀

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